Multimedia: An Eye for Gaming

Knightly News

Multimedia project originally published on Knightly News at:

Munawar Bijani, a senior computer science major at UCF, talks about the challenges he faces as a blind student, businessman and audio game creator in this 3-minute multimedia project.”

My Tasks: I shot all of the video and took all of the photos. I edited the audio, which was recorded by Stephany Nagy, and I combined, edited, sequenced and paced the audio, photos and video to create the final project via Final Cut Pro. 

Multimedia: Student Body Squeeze

Knightly News

Multimedia project originally published on Knightly News at:

With a student population of more than 60,000, the University of Central Florida is beginning to get a bit crammed. The overcrowding has forced diners at the Student Union to either guard their tables hours in advance, or take their trays to any bench or floor available elsewhere. Some students have even given up studying at the library because of computer and outlet shortages. Instead, they’re hitting the books on the upper-level floors of the Student Union—a place where discomfort can buy them silence and a power source. However, with upcoming renovations to the library and All Knight Study II expected to open this month, it seems that UCF has recognized the problem and is attempting to resolve it.

My Tasks: I took the majority of the photos in this project (a few were taken by Wes Goldberg). I edited, cropped and resized all of the photos that needed work via Photoshop. I helped Goldberg edit the audio that he had recorded via Audacity.We both worked together to sequence and pace the project on Soundslides. 

Photos: Amendment 8 Protest Rally

Central Florida Future

Gallery originally published in the Central Florida Future at:

The president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) atUCF, Nicole Elinoff, and the president of UCF’s chapter of Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX), Alexa Nelen, joined forces in front of the Student Union Monday to protest Florida’s Amendment 6. After a swift sound cannon, both presidents, along with some group members, informed students of the contentious measure, while asking them to take the Vote No on Amendment 6 pledge. If passed, the measure would ban state tax money from being used for abortions or for health insurance coverage of abortions, except in rare circumstances like rape and incest.