About Raquel



Raquel Reichard is a Latina feminist, freelance journalist and social media strategist.

Raquel has both professional and classroom experience in various journalistic areas. She has been published in the New Yorks Times and PolicyMic and has written and edited for newspapers in Washington D.C. and Orlando, Fla. She’s also designed pages and information graphics for an award-winning magazine and co-produced multimedia projects for a broadcast news site. She has designed graphics for multiple books published by ABC-CLIO. Raquel’s trained in both hard and soft news writing and regularly blogs on race, gender, class and the media.

Raquel is an MA student at New York University’s Gallatin School, where she’s studying the intersection of race, gender and new media. Her research interests include: journalism’s transition to social media; the role of Latinas/os in journalism’s new media landscape; media-perpetuated stereotypes of Latinas/os; eating disorder and body image among Latinas; and the Latina body and how it’s used as a site for state violence and oppression.


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